Beer Fietsen is the Bike Specialist in The Hague and the wider area. We are experts in the following type of bikes:

cargo bikes

transport bikes

children bikes

parent child tandems

electric (cargo) bikes

custom bikes

city bikes

touring bikes


How we work @ Beer Fietsen

We follow 3 simple steps

1. Before buying a new bike we give excellent advice about your future bike. Now you know what your going to buy.
2. When the new bike arrives we will prepare the bike for pick up. When you are in the store we will adjust the height for your body length.  
3. After service is the last important step. With a maintenance plan we help you with reminders to take care for the bike. We will make sure the bike drives like a new bike. 



Our page is designed in the dutch language. With a translate plugin you can find all the information translated into your own language. We recommend the use the Chrome browser for viewing the website in another language. If we learn about a good translate plugin for Safari or Firefox, we will let you know. 

To download the translate plugin use the link below. 



Latest bike information.

We regularly follow courses that keep us up to date with the latest developments in the cycling field. This allows us to give you the advice that you expect from us. 
Latest developments from Beer F̶i̶e̶t̶s̶e̶n̶ Bikes can be found with the link below. 





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